Wireless interference issues - wire another component?

  • 14 May 2014
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I have a large home with 5 Sonos components. The one wired component is at one end of the house, far away from the farthest component. I have a lot of drop-outs, intermittent missing zones, etc, which I am assuming is from wireless interference. I have tried different wireless channels to no avail. I don't know how the Sonos components establish the network between themselves, but might it help if I made another component wired also (since this would both reduce the number of wireless components, and provide another (closer) wired component for the farthest wireless zones to connect to)?

2 replies

Each component will use whatever is the strongest path to the music source. In this case, if you wire a second unit, it should prefer its wired connection over a weak wireless connection every time, and nearby wireless units may use that too.

If you want to verify that it's wireless interference that is causing your issues, you can submit a diagnostic report (Help > Submit Diagnostics) and email the confirmation code to our Support department with a description of your issue. The diagnostics have pretty good reporting in this area.

Support's contact details are here:

Although wired is best, you may find that a strategically placed wireless Bridge -- connected to power only -- will insert itself as a relay.

Going deeper into how connections are actually being established across the SonosNet mesh would require sight of the diagnostics.