Wireless/Ethernet Problems

  • 22 March 2018
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Hi All,

I'm having some issues with my SONOS setup.
My enviroment consists of PLAY5 and PLAY1 speakers are connected wirelessly and the SONOS Connect connected via ethernet.
The PLAY5 speakers are in a different building. The SONOS Connect and PLAY1 are in the same building.
I have a iPad connected to the SONOS Connect. As it stands, all speakers can play the source from the SONOS Connect.

The problem is, if we disconnect the SONOS Connect from ethernet, all other speakers can no longer play the source.
Though, if we then cable the PLAY1 and leave the SONOS Connect on wireless, it all works again.

It seems like the PLAY1 and SONOS Connect aren't connecting to the Wireless AP but I don't see any reason this would be the case.

Any ideas of what might be the problem?

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9 replies

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Hi, KLOSTER. By wiring a Sonos component, you are utilising Sonosnet which has superior range and communication to using your wireless network. I could confirm what the issue is, if you were to submit diagnostics, responding here with the corresponding confirmation number. This way we can provide some further advice. Many thanks in advance.
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As Edward says you are using Sonosnet (the Sonos created wifi) when you have one unit hooked to your router. That is the way your system was setup. So when you don't have one hooked to Ethernet it will drop off. I believe you were under assumption that all your speakers were wirelessly connected to your router/ap when with Sonosnet they speak to each other and only communicate to your router/ap via the connected Ethernet cable.

You can choose to not use Sonosnet and have them all unplugged from router (I don't recommend but you can if need to).

To run wifi only - while you have one of the units hooked to your router and everything working. Go into sonos controller and go to settings...advanced....wifi setup. Complete the wizard and it will tell you that you can then disconnect the unit hooked to router.

You will then be running the system off your wifi only. Meaning all speakers communicate back to your router via wifi.

Right now your using Sonosnet - which means that the speakers all communicate with each other in a mesh and communicate back to your router via the single unit plugged in with Ethernet. As you can see Sonosnet is preferred because the speakers actually talk to each other when using Sonosnet and span a much greater distance then with less bandwidth usage back to your router.
Thank you for the replies.

My diagnostic confirmation number is 1225301924.
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Thank you for the replies.

My diagnostic confirmation number is 1225301924.


I see a couple things in your diagnostic report which may explain the issue. First off, one of your Ruckus access points is running on channel 8, while the others are on channel 11. This may be why your Sonos system isn't working properly when set up in the fully wireless configuration. It is best to make sure all access points are on the same channel.

When you switch over to the SonosNet setup, it appears that not all of your Sonos speakers are switching over. This could be due to range or interference. If you'd prefer to be set up in this way, it may help to remove the wireless credentials in the Sonos app by going into the advanced settings menu under wireless setup.

If these steps don't do the trick, please send a new diagnostic report and reply with the confirmation number.
Hi Jeff,

I've resubmitted diagnostic information. My confirmation 676353627

I've forced all of our AP's to use Channel 11. I'm able to see the speakers and connect players in the SONOS controller.
We try to use a network cable where possible.

In one of the buildings, we have two SONOS connects, and a PLAY1. They all appear in the controller and can play source music of Radio by TuneIn (individually).
When all three of the players are wireless, they cannot play the Line-In source from one of the CONNECT players. However, when we cable just one of the three (i.e. either one of the CONNECT or PLAY1 speaker). We can all of a sudden play the line-in source on all our SONOS players.

Can you please advise why we can see all of the speakers in the SONOS controller, play a music source of Radio by TuneIn on all speakers but cannot play the Line-In source when the speakers are wireless? (The Line-In source can be added to the players, but it simply doesn't play).
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That to me would say that your have bandwidth limitations on your network keeping line-in source from playing. When you cable one of the units they are then using Sonosnet to communicate with each other and bypassing your regular wifi (and thus have enough bandwidth as they should through Sonosnet).
I would like to understand sonosnet better.
You say that when a single speaker is cabled, SONOS will use sonosnet.
We have a building 500 meters down the road connected via optic fibre, the sonos speakers in this building operate via wireless. If you're saying these speakers aren't connected to my access point.. how can it possibly be using sonosnet? They wouldn't be within wireless range of another speaker? (These speakers can play the line-in source of the connect box when the connect box is cabled).

I will perform some bandwidth tests, but I'm confident we don't have any issues there.
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When you plug a single Sonos unit into your router. It will then start transmitting a new Sonosnet Wifi signal. Any speaker within range of that Sonosnet signal will stop receiving information from your standard wifi and speak directly to the other speaker via Sonosnet (and then begin transmitting its own sonosnet signal thus starting the Sonosnet mesh).

So with Sonosnet - all the speakers begin transmitting a Sonosnet signal and talking to each other instead of to your standard wifi signal. All activity back to your network is done via the Ethernet connection of the unit hooked to your router.

If you have other Sonos units in another building down the road - and they are too far away to see the Sonosnet signal in the primary building - then they will attempt to utilize your standard wifi.

Obvious disadvantage to the standard wifi is that all communication has to filter back through the router and the speakers don't become repeaters like they do with Sonosnet (and with Sonosnet they speak direct to each other not via router).
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In these illustrations Sonosnet they are calling "Boost Mode". Which is kind of misleading because you don't need a Sonos Boost to have Sonosnet. Any Sonos unit can be wired to your router to create boost mode/Sonosnet