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  • 22 November 2012
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I have (4) wireless amps, (1) 5 and (1) 3 connected that have worked well in past. Now, only one plays (the one connected via wire vs wireless) and I cannot get the system to find the others. I have updated controller and recently added a bridge. I use a mac and iphone as controllers. the nonfunctioning speaker has a steady white light. When trying to get it to connect by pressing the volume/mute buttons, nothing happens. I've unplugged bridge, router, speaker etc but no luck. Sometimes it works and lasts for a few hours and then drops, other times it does not work at all. Appreciate your thoughts. thanks

1 reply

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Hello Greg, The most likely cause would be wireless interference. If you have not tried already, please change the wireless channel Sonos is using. If it is currently on channel 1, change it to 6 or 11, it does not matter which. The units may not show up on their own when you do this so you may have to add them back in. You can find instructions on changing the wireless channel here. If you still have issues after changing the channel, please try the last remaining channel. If the units still don't show up, please submit a diagnostics report from your system and reply back to this thread with the confirmation number. You can find instructions on submitting system diagnostics here.