Windows 10 - Updating Sonos Controller Completely Crashes My System

  • 29 April 2021
  • 3 replies

Hi All,

Running Windows 10 x64 here. When I update Sonos, it will no longer launch, it gives the below error. Then next time you reboot the system will not start at all - it gives a blue screen. 

Luckily my system is a Virtual Machine and I can restore back to before the system update.

Can anyone help.


3 replies

Maybe uninstall the current Sonos App and re-download it again from this official LINK instead and after setup, on opening, choose to connect to the ‘existing’ Sonos System and see if that perhaps fixes the matter for you.

I wonder if there may be networking challenges the app is running in to on a virtual machine, too. What’s the native OS that the VM is running on? For others, mind you, I’m no expert on VM ware. 

I tried the reinstall, it did not work.

I googled the error and It is something to do with NET framework. Unfortunatly I could not fix it and ended up re-installing Windows. Sonos would then load and run OK. Thanks for your replies