Windows 10 Sonos Account? Where did this come from?

  • 13 May 2017
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My installation of Windows 10 has a new account named Sonos Wireless HiFi System. Does anybody know why? Thanks for the help!

5 replies

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Hi BlueSkyHi, welcome to the community. This account is made in order to allow Sonos to access your Music Library (the music files stored on the computer). We make a new user account to make it easier for Sonos to get permission from Windows to read them.
Hello Tom and thanks for the response. Being a little "gun-shy", I deleted the account so I am thinking that if I reinstall the software the account will be restored?
Yes, the user should be recreated when the software reinstalls.
For me the Sonos software did not just create a separate profile but it made a new power plan and made it default. It lowered the clock speed by almost 1 GHz! I was ready to buy a new computer but luckily I found the power plan and I chose the normal power plan and my cpu started running at the advertised speed again. The power plan was named something about Sonos but I can not check now because I deleted it right away.
This can be a huge problem for the average user and they might think that their computer is broken. I think you should delete this setting because I see no point in Sonos messing with my power plan settings. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
Had same problem created its own power plan made it default how can I stop this.