Will Resetting the App Controller erase My playlists I made in Sonos?

  • 27 July 2020
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Will resetting the App Controller erase all my playlists I made in Sonos? Tracks were from Apple music and My Music Library on local hard rive.

3 replies

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No. Controller apps store almost nothing. Almost all data, including Sonos Playlists, is stored in your Sonos speakers. If you have Imported Playlists then they live on your hard drive and will remain there.

However the question that remains: why do you think you need to reset the controller in the first place?

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I bought a new Mac a few days ago. Migration went fine. Sonos app would not accept my Apple ID PW to give me access to Apple Music.

Made me change it. What a nightmare. Screwed up All mail and other items. Constant cliches in Sonos. Plays song ½ way then changes to next song. it set the local HD music library to Users/jmatusiak/Music. Not the extension that Apple Music (iTunes) uses. I can change that easily enough. After I updated to S2 when it came out a few weeks ago, I had No issues at all.


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Still receiving Error messages: “Song file is incorrectly encoded”. Cannot play. 


“Having trouble connecting to Apple Music”.