Wifi System requirements

  • 11 September 2019
  • 3 replies

I am having problems with my sonos wifi. It keeps breaking up and my controllers lose their ability to manage my system. My service provider Bell says their system is not overly compatible with Sonos. I want to buy a Wifi system that has all or most of the requirements to run Sonos. Any idea

3 replies

Lot's of generic kinds of things in your post. What I'd probably recommend as the easiest, and "best" thing to do is to run your Sonos on the Sonos network. Simply connect one of your Sonos devices to the router you already have with an ethernet cable, and your system will switch over within a couple of minutes. If it's inconvenient to wire a speaker, then a BOOST is a good investment. It's how my system connects to my router.
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Fussing with WiFi may work but you have to set it to work with Sonos and that may make it work worse with your other devices. I too would wire a speaker, buy another speaker that could be located where it could be wired or get a Boost and wire it.
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Do you have the Sonos Bridge active on your system? Or are you wifi only?