Wifi - plume upgrade

  • 24 December 2016
  • 6 replies

In installed plume pods to make my wifi signal stronger everywhere in the house. Since I did that my sonos doesn't know the wifi network but the wifi network looks the same as it did before I installed the plume pods. Anyone know how to troubleshoot my sonos so it will know the wifi network?

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6 replies

See this link on how to update Sonos WiFi after a router or credentials change:
By default the Plume system incorporates a router. Assuming you have a main router, the network will be split into two subnets. Sonos players and controllers must all occupy the same subnet.

If there's a main gateway router, put the Plume into bridge mode.
Thanks ratty, I have a standard issue router and modem from att. I have one of my pods connected to to that modem/router with an Ethernet cable as per plume setup instruction.
And by default the Plume will add a second router, unless you put it into bridge mode. Either configure it for bridge mode, or ensure that none of your devices connect directly to the main router, wired or via the router's own WiFi.
Thanks again, the sonos was one system that needed the stronger wifi, ie the plume system. Given I need the plume wifi for the sonos, what should I do?
Configure the Plume system in bridge mode. (Haven't we been here before?)