wifi dropping

  • 28 December 2016
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I have an existing Play 5 and a new Play 1 and when I go to set it up the new Play 1, my Iphone recogizes it, but when I click to connect after the flashing green light, it kills the wifi connection and drops the wifi. I reconnect the phone and it happenend again. Any thoughts on what could be causing this?

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3 replies

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Ummm I'm not certain, so consider this a "what I would do if troubleshooting", but I understand that speakers can have software that may need to be updated to properly connect wirelessly. I've heard that people have had success setting up connected via ethernet initially.

I'd try to set it up with it physically connected and leave it for a few minutes so that it updates and has time to connect to Sonos, etc.... then deploy it wirelessly and I'm suspecting it could work then.
I connected it to the bridge and it connected. I then went to the bedroom where I tried it first and the same issue happened. I moved it closer to the bridge and it connected wireless. So my wifi signal in the bedroom must be too week? I can get a boost if that's the case.

Thanks for your suggestion.
You have a Bridge wired to your router? If so, how close is it? Three feet or more is best. Are your router wifi and SonosNet on well-separated channels, e.g. 1 and 6?