Wi-Fi connections

  • 12 February 2017
  • 1 reply

I have a router w wi-fi for my family and also wi-fi for guests -- I originally set up sonos for the family wi-fi but it seems like the guest wi-fi is working better and overrides to my t on my iPad and iPhone - how do I change sonos to attach t that wi-fi now? Every time I try sonos it keeps saying that I'm not connected to wi-fi and if I want to connect to the other one it sends me to video which I think I tried and it didn't help me - thanks

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1 reply

You can't use a guest WiFi for Sonos. Often they include wireless client isolation.

I don't understand why it should work better than the standard WiFi. Both come from the same radio.

Just 'forget' (delete) the guest WiFi from your iDevices.