why wont my tv play through sonos one sl speakers?

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I have the Sonos arc working great for both music and tv. The Sonos one sls play through music in surround just fine, but I can’t seem to get tv sound to play to speakers, it only comes through soundbar. I have tried to add them as surround.


any advice or tips?

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When you want to use Sonos speakers as surrounds, they must first be unpaired from the stereo set they’re forming. See Could this be your problem?

When you’ve succeeded in doing that make sure you’re TV is playing surround.

By the way, even when they’v e been bonded as surrounds you will not get surround playing music from Sonos sources (i.e. Spotify). You will get stereo from the soundbar and stereo from the surrounds when the surrounds are set to “Full”.

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The purpose of surround speakers is not to play the same sounds as the front speakers. It’s to play any “surround” effects the film etc might have to create a spatial effect, such as aircraft flying overhead. Only then will you get sound from the surrounds. And, of course, that also assumes the sound track is being sent to the Arc in an appropriate format.