Why does my sonos system turn itself on, playing a random song!?

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spottihamdi wrote:

The diagnostic above was a few minutes after the incident and I was sleeping during that time. So any play action you may have seen in the last one hour period is suspicious. I have manually paused it from my phone when I woke up so that last action is to be expected.

Off of that diagnostic, 20 minutes prior to the diagnostic submission timestamp, a Spotify app told the player to start playing music through Spotify Connect. I can't tell you which account or device sent it, but someone who was on or had been on your wifi used their Spotify app to start playing. Anyone else have the wireless credentials or have been over recently?
spottihamdi wrote:

I was sleeping during that time..... .

I have been known to press all sorts of buttons while dozing off.....
Same issue for me. Super loud music at 2am. I told Alexa to turn it off, which worked for a second then it came back on.

Diagnostic 119473295
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Hi there, smun. Thanks for sharing your diagnostic report. It seems this diagnostic report came back incomplete. This usually points to network problems, but before we jump to any conclusions lets see if we can try one more time to catch a full diagnostic report.

Next time this happens, submit another diagnostic report and reply with your new report number. I'll be happy to have another closer look. Thanks!
My sonos system (playbase and two play:1) just started playing on its own. A song I know and play somewhat routinely through Apple Music. But my phone was laying 30 feet from me, charging , in Do Not Disturb mode.

Diagnostic number: 554270108.

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