Why does my Playbar intermittently cut out when sound is coming via HDI device connected to the tv?

  • 25 March 2020
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I have an LG tv, a play bar with a sub and two play 1’s as a surround setup.

The Playbar is connected to the tv via optical cable.

The tv has a sky box and a ps4 connected to it via HDMI.

The sound bar works fine 100% of the time when it is playing direwctly from the TV, however when I switch to a HDMI source, sometimes I get a fast beating noise where the sound is constantly cutting out and back in again.

This does not happen all the time but if the tv is one for a few hours I can guarantee that it will do it for about 30 mins out of that time.

I have replaced the optical cable already so its not that. All the tests I have done so far point to the Plaaybar being faulty. (The fact I get the same results on multiple HDMI sources).

Can you help please, this is really annoying I'm having to switch to normal TV sound have spent a fortune on a Sonos system.

4 replies

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Hi @mk23 

Make sure your HDMI sources are outputing DD5.1 and not DD5.1 Plus or DTS. Also make sure your TV audio out is set to DD5.1.

Let us know the outcome.  Cheers!

I don't seem to have that option just PCM on the optical out settings.

It’s possible that the TV is restricting what options you can see depending on what you are currently watching. While you’re adjusting these settings, make sure you’re watching a 5.1 movie on a movie channel, and not a talking head show. 

You should also check all devices that feed the TV via HDMI. Each device would have audio settings that you would need to set to Dolby Digital. 

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I don't seem to have that option just PCM on the optical out settings.

What is the brand/model of your TV?