Why does my controller lose the group settings?

  • 5 August 2014
  • 9 replies

I have the controller loaded on my ipad and Mac. Both are running the latest version. My ipad controller keeps losing one or more members of the group. I have three units that are defined, and grouped. Each time I start up the controller it has lost one or two components of the group, but they are still available to regroup.

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9 replies

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Hello Joel,

and that only happens on your iPad, meaning when you lose the grouping configuration the Mac will still show the group correctly configured as it was?

Would you mind sending me a diagnostic from your system and reply with the confirmation number?

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It happens to everyone, whenever a speaker loses the wifi connection. Sonos knows this (having been told over and over) but apparently has no interest in fixing this obviously bad design.
The fix is to sort out your network issues. Submit a Sonos diagnostic, post the number and someone from Support should take a look.
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Network issues? There are 10 WIFI networks around me. It will never be possible to have Sonos on it's own channel without any interference. They have to make their system more stable, have the speakers regroup after an interruption. Every damn second day my group is split up into 10 different speakers. You also can't use a timer to switch the speakers off during the night (since Sonos never even thought of a power saving mode) because they can't store the group settings and re-connect.
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And in this forum it seems you can't edit or correct your own posts...
Sonos never even thought of a power saving mode
Incorrect. The speakers reduce power consumption when idle.
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Not sure what you understand under "power saving". Less than 1W is an acceptable standby value, not 4W (per speaker). At night 00:00 - 06:00 I could save 40W easily if I can turn the speakers off. But then they lose group settings when you power them on again.
Less than 1W is an acceptable standby value, not 4W (per speaker).
The most recent models are down around 2W. Sonos units are continuously in touch with either a router or each other wirelessly. This accounts for a good bit of the consumption.

As for turning everything off for quarter of the day, I estimated that might save me £15-20 per year (50W idle for my main system). Since the regular power-cycling would reduce the product lifespan that tiny saving would instantly evaporate when the first unit failed prematurely as a result. What's more the 'saving' is only that if the energy goes to waste. It doesn't if it helps warm the house.