Why does half my stereo pair keep dropping out?

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Suffering a similar issue. 2 2nd gen Play5’s stereo paired along with a sub, set up in the living room, connected via Ethernet into the sub. Using line in for surround sound for movies. The right hand speaker dips out for a second or two at a time, repeatedly. Line in is into the left speaker. Both play5’s are on wooden shelves. It’s driving me mad.. any ideas, anyone? All suggestions appreciated..
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The forum gave you a year old topic that you replied to so a lot has changed since then.

You could look at your network matrix and see if you can see any signal issues. http://sono-ip-here:1400/support/review

Any easy way you could connect them via Ethernet to see if that eliminates the issue?

Submitting a diagnostic and posting the number here or calling it in to Sonos Support might be helpful.


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