Why are some YouTube Music songs in my list unavailable to play?

  • 11 June 2022
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In all of my lists that I’ve created within my verified Google YouTube Music , there are always several songs that I cannot play because they appear greyed out.  And have this icon on the left of a circle with line through it. It only happens with certain songs and I can play those directly through youtyube music so the wrong answer is that the song is no longer available, I’ve removed and added again to verify thats not the case.


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6 replies

Okay, I’ll take your advice and write them to explain, will report back what I learn.

Hi man, any news? I just get my Sonos One and I'm very disappointed by this YTM issue....

Okay, I’ll take your advice and write them to explain, will report back what I learn.

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Hmm, interesting, well your repro description does blow a hole in my theory in this case. However the fact that the item is unplayable is determined entirely by Google’s code - they return that metadata to the Sonos app, I would take it up with YTM, I see zero blame for Sonos in this issue.

I’m not sure your explanation make sense in the context that this issue is occurring.

For example, 1 minute ago, i was listening to music that is available through youtube. I added it to a playlist, so that i can then reference that via sonos app. The selection is immediately unavailable (as in its marked as unplayable as shown in the original screenshot)

So, while your hypothesis may be correct, in that for certain songs or channels, youtube doesnt permit sonos to play those due to specific rights; it is not because those channels were valid at one time and no longer are. I can just avoid using Sonos, and play those channels directly on my computer for example.

So in summary, what I am disappointed with re: sonos, is that for some reason their content providers (YouTube Music) do not permit certain songs or channels to be played on Sonos apps/devices. And its either that the Sonos community isn’t even aware of that, or they have a poor relationship with YTM in that terms are not explained well. 

Sonos really needs to up their game on enhancing their software to make it user friendly and clearly explain what it is and not able to provide re: content.

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The playback rights have likely expired so Google mark it as unplayable. Assuming a track with updated rights is available, you can likely go and search for the newer version and add that to your YTM playlist, and delete the stale ones.

Of course if there is not one with updated rights available, there isn’t much you can do.

This looks like it is a YTM playlist, you could always export it and import it into another music service that may have a better selection.

Here in this list you see 3 songs that I can play at will through google music, however sonos will not present them as available to add them to the queue. ANy suggestions appreciated.