Where is Index of Music library stored?

  • 3 February 2017
  • 1 reply

Updating index seems not longer work. After deleting a music track physically from the NAS, the track is still shown in Sonos. This occured after storing a duplicated file. Same metadata information but different filenames. Have tried Update Music library with no success. Is it possible to delete the Index? If so where is it stored? Along with the music library on source or is it cached in the SONOS speakers. Running 2 SONOS. SONOS Controller on PC desktop and iOS via iPad and iPhone.

Do you know any solution?

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1 reply

The index is derived from the metadata of the library and stored in nonvolatile memory on each Sonos player. You cannot edit it. You can delete it by removing the share under Settings->Manage Music Library, but more than likely the same results will occur because somehow it is still seeing the file.

What has been seen before is deleted files still show up because they are in a held in a Trash folder. Check to see if there is a Trash type folder in the Sonos path on the NAS. If there is, clear it out, or move the share to a path that doesn't include the Trash folder.