When will Trueplay work with Samsung Galaxy?

  • 5 February 2017
  • 4 replies

Trueplay is a great feature! Luckily we have iPhone and Android phones in our house. It would be great to be able to use my Samsung Galaxy S6, and not my wifes aging iPhone 5c for Trueplay tuning. Any plans to support other major brands besides Apple?

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4 replies

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It has been stated that there are no plans to enable trueplay on Android. There are too many variations or microphone types and placement for the 100s or android devices about. Makes sense but it's still a shame. IMHO you are not missing much.
IMHO you are not missing much.
IMHO you're basing that advice on slim evidence. In my experience Trueplay has a significant, sometimes very significant, effect on cleaning up room effects. And in PLAYBAR setups it deals with channel balance as well.
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I'm with ratty on this one. in one of my rooms, meh.. no major transformation, but in another (which happens to have a 5.1 setup in a smaller space) it was quite amazing the change it made.

To the OP, it really may be worth borrowing a friends iPhone for a short time, loading the controller on it and completing trueplay tuning. The system will keep the tuning definition (which you can turn on and off to hear the variance) and you only need to do it again if you materially change the room or speaker set-up...

I get that it is disappointing that it isn't available on android devices, but it appears that the issue bockersjv suggests is real and the variety or, and (aparently) the quality of, the microphones in android devices is the problem in that they can't effectively calibrate to the microphones. I keep wondering if they'd ever provide a relatively inexpensive mic that you could plug into a headphone/mic jack so they could provide it... but I doubt it would return the costs of development...
my wifes aging iPhone 5c for Trueplay tuning.
In that case, why worry?! And the tuning is a one time effort, unlike tone controls that are available on the Android app. Until you change the location of the speaker.