When the music stops

I am trying to listen to an imported playlist from my music library (iTunes), but the vast majority of the songs are not playing all the way through, randomly skipping to the next song. It keeps happening over and over. In one case, I noticed an alert popped up saying, "track not encoded correctly", but that's the exception and the skipping ahead doesn't happen for every song. Please help!

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I’m sorry to hear about the problem you’re experiencing.

This sounds like wireless interference, I would like more information about the Sonos system may I ask you to submit a diagnostic and reply with the confirmation number.
Here is a FAQ showing you how to Submit system diagnostic

Also is the computer that is sharing the music to the Sonos system wireless or wired to the network?
If it's wireless may I ask you to wire via Ethernet to the router for test and see if the system is still experiencing the same issue.
Keep me posted.

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