whats the warranty on pro-ject t1 SB bought in package with five?

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tried the chat service which took me to limbo nowhere, so just wondering if Someone here can point me in the right direction.

Have a problem with my left channel rca output on my project t1SB, cuts in and out but with jiggling comes back until the next weekend I use it again, bought from Sonos in a set with a five, and I need it replaced who do I deal with? Is it sent back to Sonos or deal with pro-ject?  I know it’s more than likely a bad soldering job on the rca connection internally, and I don’t mind cracking this record player open and repairing instead of waiting who knows how long for a replacement, cause I assume I’d need to send my old one back before I get a replacement.


tldr: what’s the warranty on the pro-ject T1 SB bought through Sonos. Is this a Sonos return or project


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If you are within the Sonos 45-day return window, you can simply return it to Sonos.


Pro-Ject has a two-year warranty on their products:

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Awesome thanks,


sadly it was a Christmas gift so out of the 45day return window…

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If you paid Sonos for it then it's up to them to cover any warranty.