What is the maximum number of songs that can be stored in “My Sonos”?

  • 29 September 2019
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I can no longer add song favorites to “My Sonos”. Error is “Unable to add to My Sonos. I suspect I have encountered the limit.

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6 replies

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The limit is in most cases 64.000 songs. Try googling “Sonos 64k limit”.
Here is a discussion about the track limit.
I don’t think it was track limits the OP is asking about, but instead how many tracks can be stored in the UI element “My Sonos”, which I’d never considered as a place to save individual songs, but instead playlist links. But I don’t know what the limit is in that area for storage of data.
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Hey everyone, along with that total track limit, there's a limit on favorites or "My Sonos" of a total of 70 items. There's a thread here from 6 years ago when the favorites feature was added that asked for an increase to the total number. Originally it was 32 total items. I believe the same limits still apply to My Sonos here. The main limiting factor here is that the listing of favorites is saved on the players themselves, so each entry takes up valuable memory on some of our oldest components.

You might consider having a single playlist of favorites, or certain types of favorites, like "Rock Favorites". You could add that playlist to your Favorites, and it'll only take up one entry, but still be very easy to locate and play the tracks on it.
It's worth noting that a My Sonos item can be a 'container': essentially a pinned shortcut to somewhere in the menu hierarchy, of the local library or an online service. Depending on the container its contents may update dynamically.
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Whoo 70! I was remembering the 32 and being really picky about what I added. Back to add several Napster and Amazon Stations to my list.