Want to Shuffle Songs but omit iTunes media types: Voice memo, Podcast and Audio Book. Play only MUSIC.

  • 11 October 2017
  • 1 reply

Sonos updates music based on my iTunes Library. I'm glad Sonos added the Shuffle feature to Songs but wish it recognized and could omit iTunes media types such as Voice memo, Podcast and Audio Book. I only want to shuffle MUSIC songs. It's unwanted and embarrassing to Shuffle Songs and hear these personal files played. I cannot find how to set this preference. Is that a feature? If not, I am requesting Sonos to please add this feature.

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1 reply

Why not make an iTunes Playlist including only those "songs" you want to play, and then use that Playlist as your Sonos list? It's basically what I've done, and helped me remove random books and some music I don't want to hear on a normal basis, like some soundtracks. Once I got the "this is what I want to listen to" list into Sonos, it's all I play.