Volume on speakers increased to max automatically

  • 3 October 2019
  • 6 replies

I just started playing music on low volume. Wasn't near phone at all. Volume increased to max automatically. Is there a way to see what triggered this? Thanks!

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6 replies

You will need to submit a Sonos Diagnostic within 20 minutes of it taking place ... can you do that ?

Post the reference back here and then perhaps ask Sonos Staff to take a look.
After the diagnostic submission, you maybe best to make the request to Sonos Customer Care Staff via this LINK
Thanks. That was the first thing I did.

Reference number: 1099970129
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Hi Dominic, looks like a Spotify app started playback in the Living Room + Kitchen about 13 minutes prior to the diagnostic. Anyone using a Spotify app on your local network could have connected to the system, and then if they went somewhere else (off your network) and you haven't played anything on your players since, they'd still be connected. Odds are, they started playing something on their phone, didn't hear anything, turned it up, didn't hear anything, and maybe kept on going...

If a Spotify Connect session was started, you can stop it at any time by telling your speakers to play something other than Spotify.
Ryan, thanks for looking into it. I should have said, that I started that.
I started the spotify app through alexa to play on the sonos speakers in the living room + kitchen. Apologies for not being clearer. Why would the originating source cause the volume to automatically increase?
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Good to know it was you starting the music :)

As to what turned the volume up, anything on the buttons, like a cat or picture frame could do it physically. Since you started the stream from your Spotify app, the volume controls on that originating source can turn the volume up as well. Physical buttons could be stuck, or maybe accidentally pressed. Also, it could be done in some cases by the phone connecting to another device. The volume could adjust automatically when it connects to a Bluetooth device.

"What changed the volume" isn't logged at the basic level of diagnostics, it'd contain too much data... But those are some things to keep an eye on.