Volume on PlayBar increases on it's own when source is TV, but not when playing music

I have a new Playbar connected to a Vizio TV. No other speakers are paired with it. Other Sonos speakers in the same house, but not in the same room, are Play 1, Play 5, Amp, and Connect Amp; Volume on PlayBar increases on it's own when source is streaming TV (ie, Netflix), but not when playing music. Only remote in use is the Roku Enhanced remote. That remote will control the volume (we have to use it every 10 minutes to turn the volume back down).

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Hi, dgravlin. Welcome to the community. How often is this occurring? Is it possible to remove the batteries from the remote as a test, to see if this does away with the issue? This would suggest that the remote is sending these commands. If that helps, you could try re-associating the remote with the PLAYBAR to see if this corrects the issue. You can do that in the Room Settings. Keep us posted.

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