Volume increments of 5 after iOS update

  • 21 September 2022
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Has anyone else run into an issue with the volume increments being in increments of 5? I’m assuming this is because of a recent update to the iOS app (I noticed it when the app version was 14.15 and after having updated to iOS 16) because before I could control my volume just fine. Now, when I go into the Sonos app and tap the volume bar, it rounds to the closest increment of 5. For example, setting to 16 or 17 moves it back down to 15 and setting to 19 moves it up to 20. Trying to set the volume with grouped speakers also is basically impossible as a result since it tries to find a good spot for all the volumes. I noticed some people on Reddit reported this as well. Anyone else on this forum notice this and is there a bug fix planned? 


Also as a side note, how does the Sonos app not have a bug reporting feature? Why do I have to create a forum account to report an issue, it should be possible in the app itself

3 replies

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I have not experienced any change to the volume increments due to updates. Works as it did previously.

The only time I have encountered a change was when I replaced a Samsung TV with LG. The Samsung used increments of 4, LG 2.

Re: side note, you don’t have to create a forum account to report an issue. The app directs you to Sonos Customer Care where you can raise a chat with Sonos Support or telephone them to raise an issue. This forum is a user community, therefore, not the best or quickest way to get support direct from Sonos.


Thanks for letting me know about chatting with support. Guess I missed that link before. Tried starting a session but no reps available so will have to try again tomorrow

I’d certainly be tempted to rerun the ‘training’ process in Sonos. Much like @Mr. T, I’ve not seen any changes with the latest release, although I use Vizio TVs, and not LG.