Volume increases on its own

  • 9 November 2019
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The volume on all of my 8 Sonos products cranks up to max ON ITS OWN randomly numerous times per day.

Yes - channel playing today was Spotify.


5 replies

There have been a few reports of similar issues. It would be helpful if you submit a Diagnostic immediately after one of these events.

will do

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Happens daily to me too. Really annoying, not to mention it’s embarrassing that due to thin walls my neighbours also involuntarily enjoys my music until I am able to turn it down.


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This is a bug with the Spotify integration. Either uninstall the Spotify app, or set your phone volume really low (your phone volume is getting passed to your Sonos gear).

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Hi guys, thanks for helping out. There’s a new Spotify app for Android available today, version, which should resolve this issue for people who have trouble with the volume ramping up when using Spotify direct control. If you’ve been having this issue, please make sure to update your Spotify app and test it out.

Let us know how it goes.