Volume fluctuations

  • 23 March 2017
  • 5 replies

My volume fluctuates and turns to max or none and when I try to change it then it goes back but then after a while it stops

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5 replies

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Yes same here. When volume was minimum tried to increase it didn't let me.
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A few people have mentioned this recently. But first things first - is the volume button on your phone healthy? Even when locked? Could you be catching it in your pocket? Is there a pet sitting on the top of your button on your speaker? Leaning on a button on a Connect?
I have inadvertently changed the volume with my phone in my pocket before.
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Nope nothing of that sought. Physically I was trying adjusting it went to max automatically. Went I tried being it down it went all the way to mute. Tried bringing up the volume it just can't. All of this was done on my iOS phone. Good news is working fine now.
This happens to me. Really annoying shit. Cant even use my ZP90 b/c of this..
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Hi there, yes I feel u. But for me it seems fine now. Is your ZP90 still having this issue?