Volume control increments on Connect scales differently than Play:1 speakers

  • 28 October 2017
  • 1 reply

When using the "play everywhere" option to play through my stereo (via Sonos Connect) and my two Play:1 speakers, I prefer/need to set the volume level of the Connect higher than the Play:1 speakers.

For example:
- Connect volume @ 50% in the iOS app
- Play:1's are set @ 25% in the iOS app

Now, if I control the overall group volume from my iPhone (via the lock screen), the Connect volume begins to 'converge' with the Play:1 volumes. E.g. one click of the physical volume down button on my iPhone will cause a larger volume decrease on the Connect relative to the two Play:1 speakers. It's not possible to maintain the % relative delta in volume level.

The only way to get all of the speakers 'normalized' to approximately the same volume % via in-app setting is to max out the volume on the stereo receiver. The downside of this is noticeable white noise when not playing music.

This seems like something that could easily be addressed via firmware -- the expectation here is that volume control should scale identically across the entire Sonos device portfolio.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Any suggestions? My Connect is set Variable audio control, to allow for in-app volume control. Fixed audio is not a solution I'm interested in -- as it does not allow for any in-app volume control and would require manually keeping the receiver volume in sync w/ the Play:1 speakers via the receiver remote.

Thanks for your time.

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1 reply

This may be happening to an extent, but I haven't found it to be significant; grouped zones change volumes in step when the single button is used in the app for volume changes. My amp is set at about the 40% level to allow the Connect in app volume control range to be useful between 60% to Full.

Try this though: set the volume of the receiver to yield the same sound levels from its speakers as from the play 1 units, when all Sonos sliders are at 40%.What level does the receiver volume need to be at to do this? Do sound levels then diverge when you move the grouped volume control?