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  • 14 December 2019
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Why has the volume control been changed from a very good feature which enabled you to adjust volumes in different rooms to it being greyed out and rendered useless.

Why remove the option Its  just plain daft  and defies logic. The developers who are so clever tripped up here It doesn't make sense to operate the system from my office PC the hub of the system and then use another device (my phone) to change other locations volume we have the system in several rooms. This is just plain stupid. I won't bother with anymore SONOS expansion sadly.

If I'm ranting I apologise first time I've been on one of these forums.

Happy Christmas if  that isn't un PC to say?   


Best answer by nik9669a 14 December 2019, 17:07

Thasssshh good to hear 🍷Hic. 

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4 replies

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Happy Christmas yourself. Sit back and have a mulled wine or something. Then take a deep breath. 

There must be some hopefully temporary glitch in your system. I can see no way Sonos would release an update where the volume controls were faulty. Mine works on multiroom on IOS and my PC. Are all your speakers and controllers up to date? If so, try rebooting your router and let us know how that goes. 

Welcome to the forum.  So the first thing to learn on here is it’s not a great idea to rant about how stupid something is until you are sure you aren’t at fault.

I suggest going into Settings, System, System Updates, Check for Updates.  As @nik9669a hinted at, you may have updated the app but not the system itself.

hi nik9669a and John B , thanks for the advice the the mulled wine seems to have done the trick.:ok_hand:


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Thasssshh good to hear 🍷Hic.