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Occasionally when I go to adjust volume, the controls on my SONOS controller take on a mind of their own and spaz out super loud, then super quiet in a jerky way. What's this about?!

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Welcome to the Community!

Do you use Spotify? and Do you play direct to Sonos from the Spotify application?

If so it is probably worth turning off the lock screen controls on one of the applications as they could be conflicting with each other.

On the mobile devices go into the Sonos application and then to "settings" -> "app settings" and make sure "hardware volume controls" and "lock screen controls" are turned off.

If you aren't using Spotify, could you submit a Diagnostic and reply with the number shortly after it happens.

Many thanks
Matt R - does this mean that this is expected behavior with lock screen controls on? Or is this going to be fixed? I am experiencing a similar issue and it's very frustrating.
Thank you Matt R, that seems to have worked. I see no difference with those functions on or off at the moment.


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