Volume Changes by itself

  • 6 May 2014
  • 8 replies

I was using the sonos iphone app listening to pandora and had it playing music quietly in the back ground went to go mack a call and all by itself the music went full blast.

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8 replies

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In order to better assist you with this issue, we'll need a diagnostic at the time the issue happens to see what may be causing this volume fluctuation. 

Do you hear this happen on a particular unit? Are there any other controllers at the time this happens such as a computer, tablet or mobile device? Does anything reside on top of the speakers or if it is a PLAYBAR on the side of it? 

Please respond with the diagnostic number when it happens and I'll be happy to take a look. 
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I have the same thing happening. Since about a year, on occasion the volume changes to full. yesterday it happened five times, today once. But there are intervals with nothing happening as well
Please see diagnostic info 6079763
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If I have the Sonos app running on my phone and the lock screen is lit, the volume buttons on the phone still work the volume on the Sonos stuff that is selected. I was refelting the shed roof last year and deafened everyone in the house when I leant on my phone.
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Please see diagnostic info 6079763

The diagnostic shows the volume is on 29, is it the CONNECT or CONNECT:AMP that changes in volume?
After 3 years of no problems, all of a sudden the volume (via Control4 software) started incrementally increasing by itself. This happened repeatedly one evening, then it started doing the same thing but this time decreasing by itself. What’s up with that? Even if I tried to re-set it to my preferred volume, it was start increasing/decreasing by itself.
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Hi there, RogerNG. Thanks for posting your reply and welcome to the Community. If you are experiencing a problem like this, I would recommend submitting a diagnostic report shortly after noticing the behaviour. Create a new topic with any further details such as time of day, frequency, how long does it happen, etc. This way, the entire Community can get a better look at the problem.