Visualization and Sonos - Work Around?

  • 29 December 2009
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I'm running a Sonos setup with 7 zones and a Windows Media Center 7 machine hosting my local files. The WMC7 machine is hooked up to a 55 inch LED screen in the living room.

I'd love to have that screen running some sort of visualization software that reacts to the music being played on Sonos when I'm entertaining people.

I've thought about runniing an output from a sonos near the machine to the input on the machine and then running realtime visualization on the input. This seems a bit excessive to me.

Some thoughts I've been having:

Is anyone aware of a simple solution? Can I loop back into the machine from the audio out right back into the audio in? Could I find some software that just detects the music playing locally at a software level? Is there anything compativle with Sonos already.

Thanks for your help!


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