Vinyl player won't play through smart TV

  • 27 January 2017
  • 3 replies

I have a vinyl player that is connected to my Samsung smart TV with an RCA cable. I thought since my Sonos Playbar is connected to the TV then I should be able to play my vinyl player. However, my TV won't switch it's input to AV1 because it's not recognizing anything (I'm assuming because there is only audio and no video).

Here is a drawing of how my room is laid out:

Since I have already ran all the cables for my electronics overhead, what would be the easiest solution for this problem? I was thinking of buying a receiver and plugging my vinyl player to that and running a new cable from the receiver to the TV.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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3 replies

An analogue to digital converter and a digital optical switch might allow you to play direct to the Playbar. If turntable doesn't have a pre amp you may also need a phono pre amp. Im not really expert on thst, others could advise
I'm no expert here either, but certainly agree with John B, as usual. Phono outputs are not quite the same as line level, which is why every receiver known to man (OK, perhaps I exaggerate) has separate input labeled specifically for Phono. And I would expect that if you were to put a pre-amp on the Phono player, you would be able to get some sort of signal through your TV, although I'm a bit surprised it won't switch over to the input if there's nothing there. That's not a common feature on TVs.

On the other hand, we get back to John B's suggestion of an analog to digital converter. I suspect that the TV would not take the analog input from those RCA jacks, under the assumption that you did put a pre-amp there, and then translate it to a digital signal to be sent out of the optical connection to the Playbar. It's feasible, but unlikely, at least from what I know about TV sets. So if you're trying to get to the Playbar, I think you would need to have the analog to digital converter, and then probably use an HDMI cable from that converter to your TV, which would then pass that digital signal to the Playbar via the optical connection.

This is why most people use a Connect or Connect: Amp for connecting to their vinyl players, by the way. The RCA cable output from the pre-amp could go directly to the analog input on those devices, which would then be converted to digital for spreading out throughout the Sonos environment.

Good luck!
Thank you both for your replies! I'm going to explore all suggestions to see what the easiest, and most economical. I'll be sure to report back.