Very Low Hi-Fi volume on my Cambridge Amplifier from my PZ90, Why?

  • 26 January 2020
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I have very low volume output from my Cambridge Audio amplifier, which has been a problem before (but I can’t remember how it was fixed by support), from the connection to my living room PZ90 which is connected to my PC and itunes. I can just about hear a song being played, but only if I turn my amplifier to full volume, and then it is only just audible.

There is also a playback issue when a PC selected song or album starts, in that it never just starts playing through the amp, but kicks in about 10 seconds into the song, and this then repeats with the next song or song on an album or compliation in the queue.

I also have a wireless hub and speaker connection in my bathroom which is unaffected by both these issues.

3 replies

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Check the volume level in the ZP.

Check the Volume Limit in the ZP.

Maybe switch the ZP’s output to fixed?

How do I check the volume level in the ZP, or the volume limit or ZP’s output?

I have nothing in my settings on my Sonos PC app. which allows me to access these things, only the EQ levels.

Unfortunately, you’ll need a mobile device to access those setting for your ZP. They’ve been deprecated from the desktop client.