Using old analogue components with Connect

  • 13 January 2017
  • 13 replies

Is there any way I can use my existing fairly old components (turntable, cd player) through existing receiver to the line-in function of the connect? My receiver doesn't have rca line out.

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13 replies

Does it have a "tape out" or "record out" for connecting a tape deck?
It has record out
It has record out

Connect that to the line-in on the Connect. Enable the Tape Monitor function and anything playing on the receiver will play on the Line-In source of the Connect. Note, since the Connect has to encode and buffer the input in order to stream it out, there will be about a 75ms delay on whatever Sonos speaker it is playing from. You may or may not notice this depending on how far they are apart.
"Enable the tape monitor function"...where?
Without knowing the model of receiver, I can't say. Usually it is a button on the front, but it may just output to the record out by default.
I've tried all function buttons I can find and so far not getting any sound through the connect.
These are the outputs at back of receiver. It is a Nakamichi RE-2 (old!)
Here's the photo
It's the Rec Out knob on the front of the unit. Set it to the source you wish to play over the Connect, then play that source on the receiver.
Tried that..didn't work.
I know it's coming through the receiver because it plays on the wired speakers that are still attached to the receiver, but don't hear it though Sonos speaker via the Connect.
Did you choose the Line-in source on the Sonos controller from the Room name of the Sonos speaker?
That did it! Thought I had it selected, but hadn't. Thanks so much! Very very helpful.
No problem. Enjoy!