Using Move with Bluetooth - Sonos App Won't Load

  • 26 April 2020
  • 2 replies

Hi there! Last night was the first time I used the Sonos Move on bluetooth. However, without a wireless connection, the Sonos app doesn’t work for me. It says “Wifi isn’t connected” and then all of the screens within the app are blank. Therefor I can’t change playlists, skip songs, etc. (I use Spotify) Am I doing something wrong? Should I be controlling my music with Spotify instead of the Sonos app? Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance! 

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2 replies

You don't use the Sonos app with the Move in BT mode. The Sonos app is a remote control for the networked system and is incapable of playing music.

Use any music playing app you like and BT it to the Move.

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In Bluetooth mode it’s just a dumb speaker and will play whatever sounds the device attached to it (phone, tablet, laptop) as a replacement for that device’s speakers. So any music app on that device that would on  play over bt to the move. 

As John says the Sonos app is a controller of the WiFi Sonos system and does not play music on its own to right.