Using Alexa with Play 1's

  • 8 December 2016
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Any news on the possibility of being able to use Amazon Alexa with Play 1 speakers? Also wondering if there is any additional news on the plan to integrate Alexa control with the entire Sonos system?...


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3 replies

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No. None beyond the previous announcements. But you can be fairly confident that there won't be any difference in terms of Alexa Vs Play 1, 3 or 5
As stated in the August 30 press release, the Alexa integration is scheduled for private beta in late 2016, with a public release in 2017. Any specific dates won't be possible to get, because Sonos schedules according to testing goals met, not calendar dates.
I'd be astonished if they actually hit the late 2016 beta goal, and would advise against it. As excited I am to get the feature, I've run software betas over the winter holidays before, and frankly, not terribly successfully. Too many people "out of the office" with all of this "holiday" nonsense to get any actual work/fixes done.

But that's my experience, in gaming software. It's possible Sonos can get it working.

That being said, I've always been leery of "beta will start on this date" statements anyway. If the software's not ready to beta today, there's no way to guaranty it will be ready on some later date. It boils down to a "are we ready to release today" discussion in the morning standup with Developers, QA, and Community folks.

I do wish them all both luck, and a very happy holiday.