Using a Tube (aka Valve) Amplifier with Sonos Connect?

I believe I know the answer to this; however, wanted to double check. I have both Sonos and traditional speakers through out. I'm getting a Tube Amplifier and would like to know if any one has deployed such with a Sonos Connect? I know that Tube amps typically require speakers be connected.

Also, with a Sonos Connect, is there a way to play through my amps connected speakers when using the Sonos Connect/s Line-In?

My setup is currently: Vinyl record player -> Sonos Connect Line-In / Sonos Line-Out -> Denon Line-In. I suspect the only way to bypass the connect is to move my record player to one of the amp's other Line-In, in which case is there a way to broadcast my record player playback to my wireless sonos? Currently I believe this is an either or and that there is no way to use both or choose, amp speakers and | or sonos wireless (depending on mood).

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Starting from the end of your post... It's an Either/Or only if your amplifier doesn't have a second input and a line output (sometimes called a tape loop, as the set of input/output are often used for a tape deck to be able to play and record respectively).

However, due to the 70ms delay, having the turntable go through the amplifier and then feeding an output from the amp into the Connect would cause your other Sonos speakers to be 70ms off from the audio played through the amplifier. If you keep your setup as-is, then the turntable audio would be in-sync on all of your Sonos devices.

Yes, it's possible to play the Line In from the Connect through to your amplifier. Simply set up Autoplay in the Line In settings for your Connect zone. More info on the Autoplay setting can be found here: Using Line-In on Sonos - Autoplay

I've not personally used Sonos with a tube amp, but I'd venture a guess that you're probably not the first. :)

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