Use speaker without using the app?

  • 24 December 2016
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I'm wondering if it's possible to just play songs/sounds through the speaker without using the sonos app. For example, I can stream online audio I enjoy listening to on my PC, but there is no "App" in the Sonos app for it, and I want to just simply play THRU the sonos as a speaker.

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8 replies

No. At this point you need to use the app for everything except Spotify. Sonos cannot be used as a Bluetooth or computer type speaker, the main reason being it has a "pull" architecture, meaning it goes out and gets the stream itself, it doesn't get "pushed" via the app. This is a far superior method of streaming because it uses less bandwith and does not have weak links from the source to the speakers, but it precludes "pushing" a stream from a phone or computer. As mentioned above, Spotify Direct Control has been released, along with an API for "pull" control from third party apps, so there is a future in controlling from other services' apps.
I was wondering surely you can push via the app because you can play audio downloaded on your phone, without the sonos system having to stream it by it's self, so why can't you do it from a player in chrome?
If I understand you correct, will massey, I think you are misunderstanding. The Sonos system is indeed streaming by its self even when the source of music is on your phone. When you're doing that, the app still remains a "controller/remote" and what you've done is that you've told the speaker "go get the music from here (phone) rather than there (internet connection). It's still treating the music as if it's on your computer or an NAS. This is one of the reasons we see a lot of comments from iTunes users who mention that they can't play their appears to them that it's on their phone, because they're using the phone to play it, but in fact, Apple keeps that music in the cloud, and Sonos can't "see" that extra hop.
No, it does not "appear to be" on our phones. It is on our phones if we have downloaded it/synced it to our phones/devices. Further, Apple/iTunes does not keep all music "in the cloud." If, for example, I purchase an LP from iTunes, such an iTunes purchase does get stored in the cloud by default, which is actually a nice feature. Then, if I choose, it will be downloaded to my iMac, my iPad and/or my iPhone. These files will physically be on those devices, without question, taking up space on those devices, not floating about in the cloud.

Similarly, if I take a CD and "rip" it into iTunes, it does not get placed in the cloud unless I specifically choose to store music there. But when syncing my devices, the "ripped" CD files will be on my phone/devices. Then, when I play the music I've bought and/or "ripped" when I am in the gym (or anywhere else for that matter), I play it from my device, with those files on my device. I have downloaded the files to said device for the sole reason of not having to depend on streaming/wi-if/signal strength, etc. required to stream files stored on the cloud. In that case, I am most certainly not "streaming" files stored in iCloud. Such a response suggesting otherwise and implying that people misunderstand how iTunes works is condescending, painfully inaccurate and incomplete and wholly ignores the fact that millions of people physically download and sync files to their devices.

Now, for whatever reason, Sonos itself is impotent when it comes to "grabbing" that information/those files from our handheld devices, which seemingly is part of the reason it requests to change our iMacs (and I presume PCs) to "never sleep." If I am listening to music using the Sonos app on my iPhone, if my iMac goes to sleep, all music stops, regardless of whether my iPhone/iPad is awake and regardless of the fact that, again, those files are on physically on my iPhone/iPad. This however is a Sonos issue, and not the slightest way attributable to Apple/iTunes files allegedly being "in the cloud." Because, again, as detailed above, they are not. No "extra hop" required. It's a Sonos shortcoming that they apparently refuse to acknowledge as such.
JadedOldGuy, I apologize if my comments offended you. I did not call you out specifically in my comment where I said " lots of comments from iTunes users", but it seems as though you took it as a direct comment on you. Nor was I trying to be condescending at all.

I too am an iTunes user, and not an Apple Music user. I do recognize the difference, but there are many people who post here who do not. I was attempting to generalize a statement that might help some people, rather than addressing your specific case. In fact, I addressed my comments to will massey, not to you.

I hope you are able to resolve your issues.
I avoid flogging a dead horse, but nevertheless -

You made a public comment in a public forum. It happened to be a response to a previous comment, but it was public. Should you wish to exclude all others from commenting on your posts, or from walking into a given topic/thread, or you find it vexing that others might comment on something that you have said, then perhaps private messages would better suit your unique needs.

I did not take offense to your post, nor did I absurdly think you were speaking directly to me. Rather, I got involved to point out that you made a blanket, factually incorrect statement, without qualifying that statement. You even contradicted yourself by first stating "when the source of music is on your phone," then stating, essentially, well, no, you don't understand how iTunes works, but it only appears to be on your phone. What you attempted to do is mislead people.

Additionally, Will Massey never mentioned Apple or iTunes. You did. Ignoring volumes of other services which people use to download/stream/play music from their devices, including Google, Amazon, Spotify, etc. With all of those, you can still download music to your device. With all of those, the option exists to store and play that music on your device, *not* in the cloud. Given that Will Massey actually mentioned Chrome, there's a chance he might be using the Google player, but nevertheless you tried to make this Sonos failure an Apple/iTunes issue. Incidentally, though in your response to me you superficially mentioned iTunes *and* Apple Music (and, p.s., you can still download Apple Music items to your phone/device so you can listen to the music offline), in your response to Will Massey you made no such differentiation. However, that is irrelevant. Your post remains incorrect.

Will Massey's comment specifically stated "audio downloaded on your phone," which most on this planet know is possible. Yet, you suggested he misunderstands things and the music isn't really downloaded on to the device but is actually kept in the cloud by Apple, in attempting to explain away this matter as an Apple/iTunes issue; that because of the way Apple does things, Sonos cannot see an "extra hop." Again, completely incorrect. It is not an Apple/iTunes issue. It is a Sonos shortcoming. Period.

It is your incorrect, inaccurate and incomplete response to which I took issue and merely posted my response to your apparently one-on-one conversation made in this public forum. There is truly little else to be said on this matter, and it's doubtful you'll ever acknowledge your erroneous response to Will Massey, so, speaking of "issues," I'll leave you to engage in what you view as your private conversations here in the public community. Carry on.
What is the emoticon for rolling one's eyes?
why can't you do it from a player in chrome?
Given all the noise over this question, I suggest you wait till Sonos answers you.
Oops...I just noticed that this is a 26 days old question that YOU do not seem to be bothered too much about:D