Use 3.5mm cable and Chromecast Audio with Play 1

  • 7 October 2015
  • 11 replies

I'm not a big fan of the Sonos controller app and I really want to use the Spotify app instead.
Is it possible to use one of these for my Play 1?
Connect it to the Chromecast Audio and play directly from the Spotify?
Thank you!

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11 replies

Unfortunately not with a Play 1, only the sonos:connect and the Play 5 would work.
what difference would it make with a Play 5?
I would use a network cable from the Play 1, to the Ethernet to 3.5mm converter and to Chromecast Audio.
The Play 5 has a line-in socket that would allow you to plug in the chromecast audio puck.
yes i know. thats why I want to use the 3.5mm converter to plug it in to the Ethernet on Play 1
The Ethernet port is for ethernet only, cannot be used for anything else.
That cable is complete nonsense, I don't know what it's supposed to be for but it has no use for audio.
There are adapters to use structured cabling so you can send telephone, audio and power (at low levels) over cables that are terminated with a RJ45 socket at each end. Have used different adapers for wiring intercoms and a door release system, its amazing what the IT department are expected to implement.
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You already have a wireless speaker, why would you add a wireless audio receiver to it? IT IS a wireless audio receiver.

From everything I've seen the DAC is pretty sub par in the CC Audio - which means worse quality audio.
If you're dead set on doing this, you could get a Play:5 or Connect and wire the CC into that, but I really would advise against it.
While I too see no real benefit in staying with a native app over the Sonos templated one, I would not be in hurry to judge the sound quality from a CC DAC. DACs are very small and cheap these days, and perfectly adequate for audible reasons, but not psychological ones. What may affect sound quality is the multiple conversions - Sonos will reconvert the CC DAC converted line in inputs to digital and then back to analog. A CC into the analog input of a stereo amp/active speaker is how it will deliver its best sound quality.

I do not expect a CC to be picked out on sound quality in a well controlled blind test. That said, no one will ever conduct such a test, it is easier to just pass on subjective prejudices picked up somewhere.
I fee really sorryfor the OP having Kunar crap in his thread the guy wants to use the native Spitufy app, period.

Kumar cannot hear the differences between amplifiers so not qualified to make any statement on any audio related posts..
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Spotify now allows you to natively control sonos speakers via their app. 🆒