Updating to 9.3 issues

  • 30 November 2018
  • 2 replies

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Trying to update and keep getting an error 1002 message. 1186657282 Diagnostics. Help is appreciated.

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2 replies

You aren't alone, still having issues even after resetting everything. I think it's time to ditch sonos for Alexa and be done with it. It's insane that every upgrade I seem to have to do this and once everything is reset/rebooted, it works...And no I am not rebooting or shutting down my network, doing static IP addresses on each sonos device, etc. This is just poor quality control on their software.
Sonos Support and I DM's on Twitter. The issue has to do with firewall access. I had updated my wi-fi around the same time as the 9.3 update came out. I had to check the setting that my computer was listed as being on a 'Private' network and not a 'Public' network. To correct it, I made all network connections from within McAfee are listed as 'Home' and not 'Public'.