Update won't proceed

  • 10 November 2017
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When I open the Sonos app on my phone, the app says I need to install an update before proceeding (even though the update applies to a piece of hardware I don't own). So I proceed with the steps to perform the update and...the update never progresses beyond the first step...it seems "stuck" even after 5 minutes, when the update screen tells me it should take 2-3 minutes. The system will not update, so I can't actually use my Sonos for music. It's plugged into my TV via optical cable so I can listen to the TV with it, but the entire reason I purchased two Sonos playbar/sub systems was because of the streaming and music function, which is now non-functional. Please help.

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14 replies

Which update is failing? Is it the app, or the firmware for the speakers?

Two potential solutions, both of which are relatively easy to do. First, reboot your router, and see if that makes any difference. Second, if it is the app that won’t update, delete it, and reboot the device it is installed in. Then download a fresh version.
I think I have the same problem but I’ve tried everything by now. Resetting router, deleting app, reinstalling Sonos devices... everything went smoothly but the system won’t update. The error is 1101
Have you gone through the steps in the FAQ on that specific error?

Yes, still doesn’t update
I have had ALL of these same issues as noted above and even provided the diagnostic three times and have not heard back from anyone. I am unable to use my tv at all because i have no sound. this is very distressing especially over a holiday weekend. please advise on other suggestions
Simply submitting a diagnostic does nothing, they probably get hundreds of unintentional dignostics a day from people just screwing around. You have to contact Sonos with the reference number before they will respond. Submit another and post the reference number here.

In the meantime, most update loops can be solved by deleting the app and reinstalling. Choose to connect to an existing system, then update.
Thanks for your feedback. As I mentioned, I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled multiple times as well as tried every option available and still unable to get the Playbar to update.

I called yesterday and never got thru. Guess they left for the holiday early. I’ll try again on Friday.
Have you tried a temporary connection of an ethernet cable between your router and your PLAYBAR while attempting the update? Or possibly removing power from it for a minute or two, and then plugging it back in?
Thanks Bruce. Yes, I have tried that. I get error message 30 and /or 1011 every time.
I had a similar problem, the update just failed and my playbar disconnected from my tv, and was not shown in the app anymore. I disconnected the playbar from power, plugged in again, and everything was ok again.
I have the same issue. I have factory reset Sonos, unpowered and repowered, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, rebooted wifi, etc. Error 1011, will not register my device. Nothing works and my 6 month old Sonos Play 5 is as good as dead. How can Sonos put out software/firmware with such flaws? Zero support from Sonos.
Which method did you use to contact Sonos support? Did you call them, or use Twitter, or perhaps Facebook?

I'm fascinated that they suggested a factory reset, that's pretty much a last resort attempt at a fix, as it erases all of the data that would normally be stored on the device and help them figure out what's going on. It's what gets submitted when you do a system diagnostic.

Is your PLAY:5 wired to your router? That often will resolve any potential issues with staying connected to your wifi, if that's a problem, at least in order to get it updated. Once you get it back into a working state, you could then move it back to connecting directly to your wifi.

Normally speaking, I'd have thought that if there was a true hardware fault with your PLAY:5, and it was within 6 months of purchase, they'd offer to replace it for you with a new one, which is why I'm curious as to which "group" or method of contact you used.
I haven't owned cables required for wired connection to a router in many years. The Sonos Play 5 is a year old, out of warranty, so it will actually be easier for me, given the hours of time required to try to resolve the issue, to dispose of and switch to a different service.
(I only have one Sonos device and don't use Sonos to play in different rooms, so I don't really need anything other than a device with good sound that will reliably play music from Spotify and can be controlled by my iPhone. If I were more invested in Sonos and had multiple devices, I'd perhaps invest the time to make the defective device work.)