Update to 7.3 Spotify repeating every song. Driving me mental! HELP!

Since updating the controller to 7.3 and updating my iPhone iOS (not sure this has any impact) my spotify is repeating every second song. I start a play list, the first song starts and finishes in full, the second song starts and finishes and restarts. The it repeats every song on my playlists and streaming other lists. The UI shows the album art and name of the next song on as if its playing now but its replaying the previous song. This happens on both sonos and spotify connect. This is driving me mad!

I am running:

Sonos 7.3
Play 5 gen 2
2x play 3
Iphone 6 with iOS 10.3.2

Things I have tried:

Unchecked repeat in both Sonos and spotify

Uninstalled sonos and spotify apps on laptop, iPhone, Ipad
Uninstalled the connection with spotify in sonos app
Connected to a different spotify account

Switched off all wireless devices in the house
Switched off all sonos at the power
Switched off the router, waited then switched back on and turned on only the Sonos. Connects but doesn't help

Changed from boost to standard and vice versa

Changed the channel the router is using to 6.

Nothing has worked!

Please help!

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Hi! I have exactly the same problem.
My diagnostic number is 7809135.
Thanks for your help!

You should now have an update available. Please try running that update then test Spotify playback.
HI and welcome to the Community, m4350. You're set to go with an update.

A big welcome to you, jmuck77. You're set to go as well.

Hi buljong7, glad you reached out and welcome. We also applied the update, but there might be more going on. It's possible that your router is blocking SSL communications.

Steps to install the Update:

From the Sonos App on Your Phone or Tablet, Choose

Settings > Online Updates
Just tried the update and I'm now playing new songs back to back! Seems to be working. It took a while but thankyou. I'll be back in touch if it stops again!!!
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Same here. 7884889
Thankful for help

You should have a new update available on your Sonos app. Please run the update and test things out.
I'm experiencing the exact same thing. Very annoying. Have 1 x Play:5, 1 x Play:1, operating through both iOs, macOS, Android and Windows. This happens regardless of whether I'm using Spotify or Sonos app to connect to the speakers. Must be other users experiencing this problem since updating?
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Hi Storah1 and danielra,

We're looking into a possible issue with Spotify on Sonos causing repeating tracks. Please submit a diagnostic report after reproducing the issue then reply here with the confirmation numbers.
Hi Jeff. Thank you for your reply. Confirmation number: 7579577.
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Hi Jeff. Thank you for your reply. Confirmation number: 7579577.

There are a lot of wireless communication errors between your Sonos units. This could lead to all sorts of strange behavior. Please try changing the wireless channel on your Sonos app then test things out again. Let me know how it goes.
Changing channels doesn't solve anything, I'm afraid. I have had problems with lost connections before, but this track repeat bug was not there prior to the latest update.
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Hello danielra, we're aware of the issue and currently working with Spotify to implement a fix.
Good to know. Thanks.
This issue has been happening for a few weeks for me now. Is there any timeline on a fix?
For a few weeks and still no fix? How is that even possible??? That hast to be a a hot fix - Sonos makes me crazy with these annoying spotify issues...
I'm having the exact same problems. I've tried changing the channel from 1 to 6 but it doesn't help. I can send my diagnostics if that could help? Kind regard AndersLS
Maybe I found one reason for the buggy behaviour: I solved the issue by deactivating the 2.4GHz Channel on my Home Router. Sonos cant connect to streaming services through 5GHz. So I connected my CONNECT device through an ethernet wire to an AirPort Express (configured as WiFi-Repeater). Obviously the Controller App displays playlist information and audio information seperatly - what a bad software design! But somehow it works now...
UPDATE: One day later the same old buggy behaviour returns - every second or third song repeats. WTF Sonos, over 1 Month of bug fixing... 😠
I have the same problem. Any news on a fix? 😠
@Jeff S @ Miles P Two more updates, one to the sonos app one to the spotify app and even one to the windows PC sonos app but still no fix. Any updates sonos? Come on. I ONLY use sonos for spotify and radio. What a very expensive radio player and useless spotify subscription. $120 per year to hear the same songs repeated twice. Please help. FYI apple music works fine but any of the spotify apps or spotify in sonos still has the same problem.Even when changing the channel.

Diagnostics 7756445

10 years of playlists rendered frustrating!

Hi Leigh

As mentioned, I am experiencing the same problem and was really hoping the 7.4 update would solve it, but no. I saw another tread regarding the same problem where one user had contacted Sonos Support and obtained a 'test fix':


I have now contacted support as well hoping to receive the test fix – maybe you should try the same?

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Hi folks,

If you're still getting repeating songs on Spotify, please send in a new diagnostic report and reply here with the confirmation number. I'll apply a patch to your account which should help.
Jeff. I have the same issue. Diagnostic 7787298 has just been submitted. Please provide patch. Thanks
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Jeff. I have the same issue. Diagnostic 7787298 has just been submitted. Please provide patch. Thanks

Thanks for sending in the diagnostic report. I've added the patch to your account so it should install once you run updates. Let me know how it goes.
Jeff. All OK so far Thanks
Hi! I have exactly the same problem.
My diagnostic number is 7809135.
Thanks for your help!
I'm having the same issue. My diagnostic number is 7809918.

Please apply patch