Update to 7.3 Spotify repeating every song. Driving me mental! HELP!

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Same issue: 7967731
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Hi , frankbot and ricrac,

Your systems are now flagged for a patch which should help. Please run updates and test things out.
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I'm having the same problem. How do I get the patch you are discussing? Seems like people are posting a diagnostics no. but not sure where I can get one. Can anyone help?

Hi skodlod,

I used your community account email to find your system so you shouldn't need to submit a diagnostic report. Please check for updates on your Sonos system, run any that it finds, then test out Spotify and let me know how it goes.
I continue to have same issue with my iTunes music-- my confirmation number is: 7983596
Hi Sonos, yes I do have the same problem.

Diagnostics no 8051109

Please help
Why can't you just add this patch to a general update? The problem isn't solved for over two months! Same problem in Germany, diagnostic number is 7894283. Please add the patch.

I had this problem for weeks, then I discovered this community entry, applied for the patch, got it and everything seemed to be fine. But since the last update I have the same issue again. It’s frustrating. New diagnostic code 8067339

Please help me!
Can I also be added to the patch?