Update Killed Sonos

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Are you kidding?? We use Sonos in the office. It worked last week, and today one of our users tried to use it and the iPhone app says it can't find the network. My iPhone worked fine until I did the upgrade and now IT DOESN'T WORK. Don't you guys test this stuff?? If our IT guy put something in that failed so miserably, he would probably be fired (at the very least he would be ashamed).

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I can only agree, miserable software. Setup with new Play:1 speakers fails at app not beeing able to recognize connected devices in the same subnet. I can prove the speakers are connected as they get a DHCP lease and are pingable on the leased IP's. I can also prove there is no FW blocking ports and no other device that is manipulating packets. The App says connection failure after checking WLAN password. App on Android and Windows, both in same subnet, one with WLAN, one with LAN cable, both saying Sonos is not present in the network. I have an IP lease for each active speaker, I can ping each one of them, I can see the LED indicator is permanently white, not blinking. WLAN runs on 2.4 GHz. Now please tell me what I've done wrong or what I forgot because I'm pretty sure I've done it right (and not for the first time...)
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Raise and submit a diagnostic and then give Sonos a call direct. It may be a whole heap of simple to fix issues or a compatibility issue with you router. A direct chat could soon sort it.

I am getting a message on my Iphone 5 controllers saying the OS is out of date and i need to use a newer devices. There is no update to the iOS on iphone 5 either i have 3 of these phones purely to control sonosin the house and office. Surely this cant be right ? if so the my older ipads which are also used fro sonos
are not going to work either . Can someone confirm this please
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It's the iOS version. You need to be on iOS 9 or above.
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Or get SonoPhone/SonoPad from the Store, it works on old iOS versions.