Update firmware (software) using WiFi

  • 15 December 2016
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Hi there, I have a TV bar and play 5 that I want to update firmware on. I use an old router to use on board a boat. We have NO LAN connection just WiFi. Can you please advise how I can do the updates?

Can I use PC direct through the Sonos connect?


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6 replies

OK, you're on a boat. You have wifi, but no internet.

If you have the controller on your smart phone, you could update the phone and the speakers using cellular connection, and then carry the PC somewhere (Starbucks?) that has a wifi signal you could connect to to get the controller on the PC updated.

As far as I know, there's no files that you could download somewhere, and then run while on the boat. It's possible that I'm wrong, though, but I can't find any links on this support site. It's possible that one of the Sonos folks (or other community members who are smarter than me) might pop along in this thread and prove me wrong.
If there was a way to download firmware so it could be installed from a local share that would solve a large number of situations folks have posted about over the years but I don't think there is any option to do that at this point in time.
Why not replace that old router with a travel router? It will provide a LAN/wifi when there is no internet, but you can link it to any available internet connection when the opportunity arises. Or use your phone as a wireless access point. I use this one (although for a different purpose)
It also has a USB port. I have a 64GB USB flash drive with a chunk of my music on it, which is set up as my Sonos music library for the travel router's network.
Oh, yes we have WiFi on our phone so I will try and update via this Sonos app.

Thanks for the replies

Have a great Christmas:8
Oh, yes we have WiFi on our phone so I will try and update via this Sonos app.

Thanks for the replies

Have a great Christmas:8
I suspect you have misunderstood. I was suggesting that you use a phone in wireless access point mode to connect a travel router to the internet temporarily, in order to do the updates. You cannot do that with your existing router (or at least I'd be amazed if you can). You also need a further phone if you are using one phone to connect to the internet, because it can't create the LAN and be part of it at the same time. And you will need to update the app on the phone that is initially connecting you to the internet!

There is a way you might do this without a travel router by changing the SSIDs and passwords of your mobile access points to match those of the router. But really better to get a travel router to replace the existing router.