Unresponsive Play5 at times. Need to unplug.

  • 11 September 2018
  • 5 replies

Hi! I seem to have to physically unplug my Play5 as I cannot even resume a stream from the app as it errors out. 1823787531 is my diagnostic code. My Play1's on a floor further away from my router don't have the issue (the 5 is maybe 8ft away from my router). Thanks!

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5 replies

I recently started having the same issue with my Playbar. Only unplugging the Playbar and plugging it back in fixes the issue for a few hours and then it happens again. What is going on Sonos??
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You both might try assigning static/reserved addresses to your Sonos gear in your router's DHCP page, that can sometimes help.

shfawaz, you might try submitting a diagnostic too, doing your own topic will probably be less confusing.
Still happening with diagnostic code 498023897.So frustrating! 😞
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If you are interested in the Sonos response you might try the twitter or facebook 24x7 contact options, the forum probably won't see a Sonos presence until sometime Monday.
Similar issue with my Play: One. Diagnostic Number: 768222996.

It's located in my bedroom, same room as my WiFi Mesh node. Music will play, however the music volume level is frozen and unresponsive to the app. Alexa's volume, however, will change with the app (I guess Alexa and the music are independent sources?). The status light is solid white, even though I have it set to "off" in the app.

It's now a daily routine to plug/unplug the Sonos One, since it keeps getting stuck in this mode.