Unplugged speaker can't connect now

  • 15 May 2014
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This is bullshit

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4 replies

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The Sonos system is designed to reconnect back to the system if is disconnected or loses power temporarily. It may be due to a range or interference issue that is not reconnecting after being unplugged and plugged back in. Once re-connected to power you should see a flashing white light, once this light goes solid, it means it has found the network and system.

Please go through the following troubleshooting guide to get your speaker connected again. 

Another quick troubleshoot you could try would be to: 
Reboot your router. Unplug your router from power for about 30 seconds, then plug it back in to power. Wait for the network to come back up then attempt to re-connect to the speaker again.

Please submit a diagnostic if you are still experiencing the issue and I'll be happy to take a look. Please reply back with your number here. 
I followed all of these instructions, and my second PLAY 1 still will not play music, and no volume control shows up on my App as it did when I first set up the Play 1 in this second room. The Room Shows up on Settings. And I have successfully retuned at least four times. I have also reset the Play 1, and, as noted, unplugged my cable modem and my router. All other devices on my Network are working, no problems. And, my first PLAY 1 is working just fine too. Soooo the App works. The second PLAY 1 has apparently "found" my Netowrk because I have consistently received a solid white light when resetting it. But....no music, and no volume control on the App. My last "fix" is to delete and download the App on my iphone again. Which I will do now. My diagnostic number is: 718709. And I DID send you an email as well.

Thank you.
Annie Morrissey
Deleted and redownloaded App Controller for Sonos. No change. White Light still visible on Second Play 1. No Music. No volume Control on App. Annie Morrissey
I have no reset the factory settings, and the Play 1 will still not play. Everything that was described for the reset of Factory Settings occurred from flashing amber to white lights upon simultaneous replug in at wall outlet and hold of play/pause button to flashing green for reset. I established the position of the Play 1 and then proceeded to set it up as a new player. All steps went according to the App's description. The player was tuned. And the new room re-named upon completion of tuning. Then I tried to play music. None. Only my first Player played. I will now discuss taking this back with Best Buy and next the Sonos Rep if I am unsuccessful. MOST Disappointing.