Ungrouping, tune-in radiostations drop offs after last update

  • 21 August 2016
  • 3 replies

Hi, after the last update radiostations via Tune-in keeps dropping every 20-30 minutes.
when i open the Sonos app, i need to reconnect to my Sonos network (not available), when i do get access then, my group is undone ???

need help here this anoying and not realy like Sonos !!!!

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3 replies

Problems after an update are almost always due to a duplicated IP address. Restart ALL the devices on your network so they acquire fresh addresses.
Hi support, still having the same issues, did all the recommended suggestions, router reset, full sonos fact reset, moved the bridge direct connected to router, restarted all systems in the house, changed wifi channel to 6, unplugged external problems.

I need help here, i am about to sell of this system and get another brand in,this is becoming very stressful now.
uploaded the report, confirmation number is: 6711157.

looking forward to a swift reply.

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Hi, Denny. Sorry to hear that you are still having issues following the advice offered. If you are losing connectivity to your system, where it tells you that you are unable to connect to Sonos, then please try replacing the cable to your BRIDGE. This may resolve the problem you are reporting but if not, I would suggest getting in touch with us via telephone.