Undesired access

  • 16 October 2021
  • 2 replies

When I came home, my Sonos was playing an unidentified music. 

How is it possible that an unknown person plays music during my absence. 

Usually I used Airplay 2 from my iPhone or my MacBook.

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2 replies

Another access point can be Spotify Connect. If someone gains access using Spotify Connect while in your WiFi LAN, it is not terminated when they leave, the only way to end it is to play a stream on your system that is not Spotify, which then breaks the ongoing Spotify Connect stream.


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Anyone connected to your WiFi can play your Sonos. It is also possible that another music service was started from an authorized controller.


If you submit a diagnostic when the music is playing or as soon as you stop it you can pass the number provided to Sonos Support and ask them to identify what caused the music to play.